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Our Services

" Relax the senses, repair and nourish your hands &feet. "

1. Rising Star Manicure
Nails and cuticles cleansing, relaxing massage, hot towel wrap and polish color of your choice. (20 minutes)
2. Red Carpet Manicure
An extension of Manicure Plus exfoliating dead skin with sugar scrub, along with special Keratin treatment that helps strengthen nails, soften cuticle and moisturize hands. (30 minutes)
3. Celebrity Manicure
Manicure with sugar scrub exfoliates hands and arms, mineral mud mask with hot towel wrap, hot stone massage and paraffin treatment. (25 minutes)
4. Academy Award Manicure
All the luxuries of celebrity manicure, plus 10 minutes shoulder massage with hot stone. (50 minutes)
Most Popular Combo
1. The Premiere Pedicure and Rising Star Manicure: $46 (save $3)
2. Sunset strip Pedicure and Red Carpet Manicure: $72 (save $5)
3. Roll out the Red Carpet Pedicure and Celebrity Manicure: $91 (save $5)
5. Academy Award Pedicure and Academy Award Manicure: $121 (save $10) 20 minutes Hot Stone shoulder massage with essential oils.
1. Premiere Pedicure
Spa Pedicure includes nails and cuticles cleansing, sugar exfoliating scrub, callus treatment, relaxing massage, hot towel wrap and polish color of your choice. ( 30 minutes)
2. Walk of Fame Pedicure
All the luxuries of Spa Pedicure with a choice (40 minutes):
a. Hot Stone massage to relieve soreness and promote better circulation in your legs.
b. Paraffin Wax Treatment: help moisture, and soft skin
3. Sunset Strip Pedicure
A certified organic experience with BCL Spa Products Comes with all the luxuries of Spa Pedicure with Hot Stone Massage, Mud Mask, and Paraffin Treatment.
Comes with your choice of
A. Lemongrass & Green Tea
B. Lavender & Mint
(50 Minutes)
4. Roll out the Red Carpet
An extension of Sunset Strip Pedicure PLUS 10 minutes Essential Oil Hot Stone shoulder massage. Hand massage also included. ( 60 minutes)
5. V.I.P Pedicure
Fresh warm Milk soak, Honey and Milk sugar exfoliation scrub, warm Honey wrap applied to the legs. A blend of Milk, Honey and White chocolate mask and lotion help calm, soothe and moisturize skin. Top off with Hot stone massage and Paraffin treatment. (55 minutes)
6. Glitz and Glamour Pedicure
Pre- Pack 5 steps Spa treatment to renew, repair and rejuvenate skin.
Choice of scents:
Chamomile: chamomile extract will aid in balancing damaged or rough skin.
Pearl: Pearl powder contain 31% calcicum and 56% protein promote Healthy skin.
Honey Green Tea: are packed with health and beauty benefits that can be maximized when applied directly to the skin.
Volcano Spa: Detox crystals and volcano activator combine to create a fun, bubbling explosion.
Finish with with Hot Stone Massage and Paraffin treatment. Hand massage also included. ( 60 minutes)
Add 10 minutes shoulder massage with essential Oil: $15
7. Hollywood Boulevard Pedicure
Nuskin Botanical Product : Soak with 21 Herbal Mineral Bath, exfoliate dead skin with Liquid Body Lufra, Ice dancer Gel cools and soothes achy legs, Sole Solution works on rough and cracked feet.
Finish with Hot Stone massage, Paraffin treatment. ( 60 minutes)
Add 10 minutes shoulder massage with essential Oil: $15
* All products are available for Sale at our Salon.
8. Celebrity Pedicure
An extension of Spa Pedicure with Crystal Jelly soak and massage. Add Jelly powder to warm water and it become a translucent, fluffy. Water will remain temperature 4 times longer that provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. Top off with Hot Stone massage and Paraffin treatment.
Finish with 10 minutes pure essential oils shoulder massage. Hand massage also included. ( 65 minutes)
Come with 4 flavor:
Aloe Vera, Lavender, Peppermint and Cherry sage.
9. Academy Award Pedicure
Enjoy all the Amazing Natural ENUMMI Product: exfoliate dead skin with rich natural oil and aloe blend in Apricot seed, deep soothing sensation leg massage with cooling Gel, the aquatic marine mud and a hot towel wrap, extra attention to the heels with tonic essential oil and rich emollients to give your heels a silky smooth feeling. Top off with Hot stone massage, paraffin treatment. Hand massage included.
Finish with 10 minutes pure essential oil shoulder massage. ( 75 minutes).
* All products are available for Sale at our Salon.
Shellac/ Gel
14 days of flawless wear, mirror shine with zero dry-time.
Manicure with Gel Color/ French
$31/ $36
Gel Polish color/ French (Trimming cuticle included)
$23/ $28
Gel Polish with any service
Take off Gel Polish
Toe Gel Polish Change
Additional Service
Polish change hands - Color / French (Include file & buff)
$10/ $13
Polish change feet - Color / French (Include file & buff)
$12/ $15
OPI Infinitive (last longer and dries faster)
French / American
Design ( 2 nails)
$6 and up
Design ( 10 nails)
$15 and up
Paraffin Wax (100% disposable)
Hot Stone massage
Nail repair with Service
Nail repair only
Take off Acrylic
$12 ($5 with repeated service)
Nails shape ( coffin, stilettos, almond,...)
Chrome/ cat eye design
$15 and up
Long Nail
$5 and up
Kid's Menu
For children 10 and younger
Combo Pedicure and Manicure
Polish change Hands/ Feet
Kid's Red Carpet Manicure
(with Keratin's treatment)
Kid's Red Carpet Pedicure
(includes Hot stone and paraffin)
Gel add on Pedicure/ Manicure
*Celebrate you kid's birthday with us. Please ask for more details.
services services
Nails Enhancement
Healthy nails ( Dipping Powder)
Free of harsh chemicals, odorless, lightweight and help nails grow stronger, durable and with a natural feel.
Cuticle Trim $5
Take off $3 (with a new set)
Full Set Pink And white
$46 (Add Tip $3)
Full set Color
$41 (Add Tip $3)
Add Keratin treatment and 5 minutes hand massage with hot towel wrap
Ombre Dipping Nail Full Set
Solar Nails
Pink and white Full Set New Set
Pink and white Fill
Pink Fill
Full Set Ombre New Set
Ombre Back Fill
Ombre 2 part
Full Set Color Powder New Set
Color Powder Same Color
Color Powder Different
Full Set Shelac Polish New Set
Shelac Polish Fill
Full Set Pearl or White Tip
Pearl or White Tip Fill
Deluxe Pink and White Set New Set
Keratin treatment and 5 minutes hand massage with hot towel wrap
Darken your natural lashes and brows, available in different shade
Neck and Shoulder Massage
Feeling stressed? Get a relaxing massage on your neck and shoulder with essential oil to reduce any aches and pains
10 minutes
15 minutes
30 minutes
Refreshing Mask (service on spa chair)
While you're relaxing and getting a pedicure, you can opt for an express facial at the same time! A short but powerful treatment, for a great flow!
This facial help Exfoliates dead skin cell.
Rejuvenates damaged and troubled skin.
Hydrates Skin. Helps draw out impurities and toxins and Deposits more than 50 skin benefical minerals and trace elements to nurture the skin. Diminishes pores. Softens and refreshes skin.
Recommend weekly treatment!
Facelift Facial (service on spa chair)
This facial Works immediately to lift, firm, and tone your skin while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
Anti-Aging Facial (service on room)
For more radiant, youthful face!
Using Microcurrent Technology:
- Lifts, tightens and firms the skin
- Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
- Improves Skin Tone
- Removes impurities from deep within the skin, resulting in skin clarity, purification, and reduction of blemishes and decreases pores size.
- Includes customize facial masque & spot treatment for crowfeet/concern areas.

(Hair removal)

Please be advised that we will not provide waxing service to anyone using REtin -A, Renovo, Acutance Stereoid, Glycolic acid peel and hemophiliacs.
Eyebrows, Lips
$10 and up
Combine Eyebrow, Lips, Chin
Full Face
Under Arm
$20 and up
Half Arm
$30 and up
Full Arm
$40 and up
Half Legs
$35 and up
Full Legs
$52 and up
$30 and up
$50 and up
$40 and up
$45 and up
Complimentary Beverages
Soft Drink:
Water, Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Root Beer, Kool-Aid.
Red or White
Mimosa (champagne and orange juice)
Poinsettia (chapagne and cranberry juice)
Coffee or Tea - Hot or Cold
* For you safety, one Alcoholic Beverage per Customer.
Spa Party
With 26 luxurious pedicure massage chairs and 16 Nail stations. We are well equipped and Welcome parties for Weddings and Special events.
Call us at 979 704 5555 or stop by to see how can we help make your day or event extra special.
Celebrate Your Birthday With Us
10% OFF for the birthday person only
Must receive service on your actual birthday.
(Please show ID)
Our Policy
1. Refunds will not be provided for any service.
2. Fixing nails are free of charge within 5 days of the service.
3. You are responsible for all personal belongings.
4. Gift cards are non-cash refundable and cannot be replaced if lost. Gift cards will only be honored within 1 year of purchase.
5. If it rings, sings, or dings, please silience it.
6. Children must be under adult supervision at all times.
7. We reserve the right to deny services.
8. Health issue must be communicated prior service.